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New Beginnings.

Hello, new website! Welcome to I can’t begin to express how excited I am for you to be here reading these words. Thank you!

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the type of person that I want to be. I want to be a woman that stands up for things. Someone that shows themselves in ALL times (and angles); not just the good ones. I would love for people to know that they are seen, and that they have meaning.

The people that I engage with the most are those that I feel akin to. The ones where I look at their life/personality/circumstance and think “it me!” That is what I want to be for others.

There is something so incredible in feeling like you can relate. Recently I saw a post normalizing hip dips (some of us have hips that dip in the middle, instead of curving out). And, let me tell you, I. Was. Ecstatic. 28 years I’ve been self conscious about this thing, but this beautiful woman on the internet was not only openly showing hers, she was talking about them. You’ve likely seen a LOT of people posting their home workouts during this quarantine (and the subsequent people complaining about seeing it). I have been posting when I go to the gym for a long time. For me, it’s largely accountability. There’s also an amazing side effect where my posting about working out has encouraged others to work on their health! People saying they have taken action because of a part of myself that I have shown is a feeling that is hard to describe, in the best way.

This, of course, comes with an inevitable layer of risk. Will people still look at me the same if I show them my unfiltered, tear-streamed face after a depressive morning? Am I exposing my struggles to an audience that won’t engage with me? But, my cellulite is showing!!

SO. Here I am. I am Jaydee Lyn and I am showing up. As Kacia (host of the EmpowerHER podcast) likes to say, I’m doing it with my butt clenched!
Fear, impostor syndrome, naysayers be damned.

Talk to you soon! 🤗