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We are angry. There are so many reasons why.
We are angry. We cry, we cry and cry.
Justice is what our souls scream for.
Justice for those who deserve so much more.
We feel it in our throats, our voice and lungs depleted.
But we can’t give up, there’s much to be completed.
We are furious. This heat will carry us on.
For we are united and together we are strong.

My being is so full of anger these past days that it has been spilling out. So much so that I secluded myself today. I went to a nature reserve I’ve never been to where I could be alone. No headphones or music as I would usually have.
Everything in me wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, but it did not come. I yelled ever so slightly, but the underlying roar aching to escape was not there. As I type this, my throat still feels constricted. The fact that this strong anger that has been bubbling in me came to a head with the news of George Floyd’s murder where his throat was crushed is not lost on me. There is a heavy feeling of suffocation in the world currently. It’s felt by many.
Now, I am a very blessed and protected white woman from a reasonable socioeconomic background. Prejudice is not something that threatens my life or livelihood.
This has allowed me to coast along without educating myself properly, because as an empath that felt like too much for my emotions to handle. That is an ugly thing to type and admit, but there it is.
No longer. Injustice is not acceptable. I will offer a voice to those that need (and ask) for it. I will learn more, I will be a better ally. Change has to happen. LASTING change. It starts now.

PS. I have taken down the photo that was here, as it is not appropriate to have my face as the representation for the anger that is in the world right now.

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