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I’m Jaydee! 1991 baby, living in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada with my 2 cats, & boyfriend. I have a counselling diploma, but don’t let that fool you (I didn’t pursue the career any further than school)! No real clue what I’m doing, but I’m grateful that you’re here for the journey.

I will likely talk about a little bit of everything; life, love, mental health (& my experiences with depression), pets, food, nature, and who knows what else!

Names & faces to note:

Ryan & Peekaboo.
Ryan and I have been dating since summer 2018. He is my very favourite human; kind, loving, clever, and full of integrity.
Peekaboo has been my baby since 2006. One of the most chill cats you’ll ever meet. Constantly wanting affection.

Dash(er). Got her as a kitten in 2009, after my childhood cat (Comet) passed away. She is a suck for her mom, and we have eerily similar personalities. We’ve been through a lot together, and she is the reason I am alive today.