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25 – with guest Meg De Jong

Joining us this episode is my nutritionist & friend Meg De Jong. We talk about the importance of self-nourishment and how the changes of life continue regardless of our age or stage.

Meg is a registered holistic nutritionist who specializes in nutrition for anxiety & gut health. She is also an avid gardener, and creator of simple, whole food recipes. Meg works one on one with clients, hosts monthly online workshops, and offers online courses. Visit her website to work with her, try out her delicious recipes (like the delectable lemon tahini sauce or nourishing yam hummus toasts), download the FREE Eat to Ease Anxiety Guide and make sure to follow her on Instagram to be the first to know about her upcoming courses (like the one she mentions in this episode) and more!

If you have the capacity, please research more and donate to the movement to prevent old-growth logging in Fairy Creek (& throughout so-called British Columbia). The forests NEED *your* help! 

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