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23 – with guest Lisa Chin

Lisa Chin is our guest this episode! When Lisa isn’t wrangling spreadsheets or her three young kids, she is a writer, coach and podcaster lighting a torch for mothers on a journey of reclaiming themselves. Above all, Lisa values real conversations around motherhood, identity, and self-expression. She believes community, knowing your truths, and art can keep us grounded in and living an inspired life. You can learn more about Lisa and read her daily blogs at You can also listen into conversations about who we are on her podcast, All The Things. Feel free to reach out to her on Instagram @reclaimingmotherhood.

Lisa and I talk about (among many other things) community, ego, and how we integrate our emotions physically and internally!

As I mentioned in this episode, Crying on my yoga mat will be taking a break for December 2021!

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